Cache Cleaner

What does Cache Cleaner do?
Space Cleaner helps to remove unnecessary cache and junk data that is slowing down your phone performance.

What if my phone is running out of space?
You can access all your videos, photographs and apps and uninstall/delete them when you do your housekeeping for your phone.

Phone Boost

How does Phone Boost increase performance?
Phone Boost provides you the option to stop other running apps to free up RAM and improve your phone performance

Can I choose the apps I want to stop?
You can select the running apps that are not required to stop at the click of a button. In addition, you can check the temperature of your phone to make sure your phone is not overheated.

App Manager

What is the function of App Manager?
App Manager gives you a 1 click view on all the files and apps that you have and allows you to manage your storage more efficiently with a backup and delete function.

Space Cleaner

What is the function of Space Cleaner?
Space Cleaner is like an extended function of App Manager. You can clear up the junk data accumulated in your Android and also zoom in to manage all your big sized files you saved under Photos, Videos and Audios

Battery Saver

What are the issues that affect battery life?
Your battery life can vary depending on the following:
- Number of running apps
- Background apps that are transmitting data or using GPS etc
- Frequent charging or charging at the incorrect voltage

How can Battery Saver help to make the phone last longer with each charge?
With the click of a button, we stop background apps and put them into hibernation so your phone processes less data and keep the battery running longer

App Protect

What does App Protect do?
App Protect helps protect your privacy by preventing anybody else other than you from accessing your protected apps. This is very useful especially if you have apps with sensitive data (Confidential information, bank/credit card details, personal messages etc).

How do I activate it?
Step 1: From the App Protect main page, select the required pattern code to unlock your locked apps.

Step 2: Under the allow access button, allow moboost to protect your apps

Step 3: Select the apps you want to protect and you are good to go!

Once that is activated, whenever you want to enter the protected app, you have to key in the pattern code

How to reset the password?
When you select your pattern code for the first time, you will be prompted to answer a secret question to assist with the reset password function. If you forget your password, you will have to key in your answer to the secret question in order to reset the password again.

If you forget the answer to your secret question, you will have to reinstall Moboost in order to reset your password

My files

What does this function do?
My Files lets you access your phone’s mobile storage folder, Images, Videos, Audio, Documents & Other files. This will allow you to manage your phone storage space and remove unwanted files/downloads.

Network Traffic

What does this function do?
The app keeps track of the amount of data each app uses to date.

Moboost House

What does this function do?
Our tech team constantly sources the Appstore/Playstore for the top grossing and recommended free apps/games for the month and present them to you for benefits.
You will be able to link directly to the app page in the Google Playstore from the links in Moboost House.