Moboost aims to become the top Android booster and help each Android phone maximise its lifespan and unlock its full potential with its revolutionary Battery Saver, App Protector and Speed Booster

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  • Fast Growing number of downloads worldwide
  • Combination of the most popular Android Boosting tools in 1 app

Moboost is created and customised to help each Android user maximise the potential of their smartphone.

With access to our 4 key functions,
You can choose the best function to help boost your phone
and to organise your apps and resources based on your preference

  • Cache Cleaner

    Cache Cleaner helps to remove unnecessary cache
    and junk data that is slowing down your phone performance.

  • Phone Boost

    Phone Boost provides you the option to stop other
    running apps to free up RAM and improve your phone performance.

  • App Manager

    Keep your device free from clutter with the option to organise your apps and files in your own style.

  • Battery Saver

    With the click of a button, we stop background apps
    and put them into hibernation so your phone processes less data
    and keep the battery running longer.